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Dobby Stripe
    Dobby Stripe Dobby Stripe

Dobby Stripe

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cloth is sold per metre
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New Dobby Stripe Fabric - 100% Organic Cotton
This is a clearance fabric but we can get more if popular.
This fabric has been woven on a dobby loom. It is wider than usual at approx 160cm.
dobby loom is a type of floor loom that controls all the warp threads using a device called a dobby. The word dobby is a corruption of "draw boy," which refers to the weaver's helpers who used to control the warp thread by pulling on draw threads. A dobby loom is an alternative to a treadle loom. Both are floor looms in which every warp thread on the loom is attached to a single shaft using a device called a heddle. A shaft is sometimes known as a harness. Each shaft controls a set of threads. Raising or lowering several shafts at the same time gives a huge variety of possible sheds (gaps) through which the shuttle containing the weft thread can be thrown
Width: 160cm approx Weight: 90gsm approx
Origin: India Content: 100% Organic Cotton
Roll Sizes: 30m Please do your own wash test


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