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Mixed Remnants - 10m

Mixed Remnants - 10m

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cloth is sold per metre
Ex Tax: £32.92
Product Code: Remnants
Availability: 10.00

We accumulate quite a lot of end of rolls, mis-cut or flawed fabrics. So here is your chance to take advantage of our "bad" days .

Price is £3.95 inc. VAT per full width metre. There will be (at least) 10m in one pack, most pieces are fine and are 1m - 2m in length.

Mixed Remnant Packs will be different each time, the packs in the picture are for example only (check out the premade packs if you'd rather know what you're getting).

We will try to give you a good selection of whites, naturals, blacks, colours and prints.

Good Luck!


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