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Crossweave Stripe Multi,
    Crossweave Stripe Multi, Crossweave Stripe Multi,

Crossweave Stripe Multi,

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Product Code: G-Crossweave Stripes Stripe Multi
Availability: 159.50

This fabric is just great, a medium weight multi stripe made from bamboo weft and organic cotton warp, the bamboo gives it a soft feel.

Bamboo is said to have anti fungal properties, it is absorbent and handles well.

 What a lovely bright stripe. Cheer up your life. Made from organic cotton and bamboo yarn 1.16wide. (varies a little) This is a woven stripe - not printed ,.and has real character.


This fabric should be washed seperatley as there is sometimes dye loss.

Crossweaves vary in weight, please ask for a sample.

Width: 120cm approx Weight: 130-170gsm
Origin: Kerala, India Content: Organic cotton & Bamboo
Roll size approx: 25m Please do your own wash test


Order a sample


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