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crossweave Dotty on blue

crossweave Dotty on blue

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(Here you can see dotty and suffragette)

Printed on our crossweave fabric this small pin head pattern adds a touch of something spotty, dotty and delightful to our crossweave fabric......Reversable.
The spots don't generally show through to the other side, so you can reverse the fabric and use the plain side and use the pattern for trims etc
. If you are using the plain side, just check it over to make sure the odd dot doesn't show through - its been fine so far - or you can buy the plain fabric to match, (Though it may be from a different batch)

Width: 120cm approx Weight:130-170gsm approx
Origin: Kerala, India Content: 100% Organic Cotton
Approx Roll Size: 20m Please do your own wash test


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