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Organic Textile Company. (OTC) Factsheet.

Manufacturer Kadeks Tekstil


  • Which manufacturers do you work with?

    Kadeks Tekstil in Turkey. This is their website:


  • How do we know they use organic cotton?

    They are GOTS certified.


  • Can we see a copy of certificates?

    Yes, please ask for a copy of Kadeks certificate when you buy fabric made by them.


  • Why is OTC name not on the GOTS certificate?

    Kadeks buy the yarn and make the fabric, they are inspected by GOTS. We are not GOTS registered and we are not inspected by GOTS.


  • What do Kadeks make?

.           They make most of our knitted fabrics.



  • Are all the fabrics they make for you GOTS certified?

    GOTS certification covers 90% of their fabrics, it does not cover fabric containing bamboo. Bamboo is certified in a different way. (See Bamboo info on our FAQ page)


  • Are the workers paid and treated fairly?

    Welfare of workers is covered by GOTS.


  • Are the dyes GOTS certified?



  • What stocks of Kadeks fabrics do you carry.

    We generally carry several hundred metres of  each fabric in stock but of course that's not predictable as a customer might buy the lot, but the lead time is just a few weeks so we can knit more and we have sevearl top up deliveries each year from Turkey.                                                                             

  • Are the fabrics bleached?

    We only use bleaching processes that are GOTS approved. Oxybleaching is GOTS approved. Chlorine bleaching is not approved.


  • Can we use the fabric for manufacturing and selling clothing?

    Yes however keep in mind that OTC are not GOTS certified as a company.


  • Are these fabrics Fairtrade?

    OTC are not Fairtrade certified. We trade fairly, we are a company that has a fair trade policy.


  • Please ask if there are further questions.