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Organic Textile Company (OTC) Factsheet


  • What does GOTS mean?

    Global Organic Textile Standard. Each country has its own affiliate. In the UK this is The Soil Association.. Each affiliate will audit and inspect on behalf of GOTS. This video gives a good explanation of the excellent work that GOTS does. 

  • Is OTC registered with GOTS?

  • We are not GOTS certified. This is because we operate with families of weavers in Kerala as well as large GOTS certified mills. It is not viable to have GOTS review and certify the many single artisan weavers we work with. We only use GOTS certified organic cotton yarn in Kerala. We are happy to supply certificates to anyone purchasing our hand made fabric. We only use GOTS certified mills for our other organic cotton fabrics. We are happy to supply the names of all mills and knitters we work with, you will find links to these companies in FAQ. We hold GOTS certificates for all the cotton we make.This does not mean we are GOTS certified or that you are certified if you make clothing from our fabric.... See our Certification and Commercial Standards page for more information.  
    Our bamboo viscose fabric comes from China. We use Oeko Tex certified yarn and Oeko Tex certified dyes. You will find links to these companies in FAQ.


  • Why is OTC not certified by GOTS?

    We make much of our fabric in Kerala. Our partner Genesh buys yarn that is certified. He distributes the yarn to his extended family and local weavers who might run one or two looms in their homes. It is too expensive and difficult for GOTS to visit, inspect and report on each weaver. Mill made fabric is different. All our mill made cotton fabric is made in GOTS certified mills.

  • How can we be sure that your fabric has been made in GOTS certified mills?

    The GOTs Mills that we work with can be found on the GOTs website. We always insist on certificates, if you buy fabric and want a certificate we can supply with a copy of the certificate that we were given. This will cover the yarn if it was made in Kerala. If it was made in a mill (Mill means here – manufacturer) then it will be a GOTS certificate showing the mill address and will cover the complete process of manufacture.


  • How can we become GOTS registered?

    You would need to ask GOTS to register you, and your company would be inspected, including the supply chain. We have found GOTs to be very helpful with any queries we have had so please contact them with any questions.

  • Are all your fabrics from GOTS certified sources?

    No, some fabrics are not covered by GOTS such as linen, hessian and bamboo. Please ask if you are unsure.