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Are your fabrics certified?

We ourselves are not certified by GOTS or FTF (Fairtrade foundation). We are quite small and the way we work makes it impossible to work with large organisations who naturally have large overheads and fees to cover the great work they do. So for example if we wanted GOTS certification for our work in Kerala, they would have to send someone to inspect each of the powerloom workers that Genesh works with. They would need a paper trail for the yarn from source to weaver to dying to weaving to shipping and they would also need to audit our work in the UK. This is exactley what they need to do, but not feasable when you are working with two hundred different fabrics made by many different weavers. We do insist on GOTS certificates to cover all the yarn we use in Kerala.
Mill fabric is different. The cotton mills we work with are all inspected and certified by GOTS.

All our cotton yarn is certified by GOTS as being organic.
Our muslin fabric is also 
Soil Association certified. Soil Association is a UK body allied to GOTS. Bamboo silk is from yarn that is Oeko-tex certified and produced in a closed loop system. Tencel is also ethically produced under licence and is Oeko-tex certified.
Please ask if you would like to see current certificates - we really don't mind and believe that we should all be aware of the possibility that people may jump on the 'organic' bandwagon without being true to its ideals.


This is a fifteen minute film about GOTS.

FOOD SAFE We have tested our organic cotton double cloth white muslin and it is certified as being food safe.

This is from our Turkish manufacturing unit.
The origin of cotton is Aegean region of Turkey (Near İzmir). We always obtain our own cotton from contracted farmers. Our spinning house is in Denizli. Depending on the quality or lead times we may use diffirent knitting and dying houses placed in Denizli,İzmir or İstanbul. All facilities have to certificated otherwise it is not possible to give GOTS certificate to the final items (fabric or clothes)
All of the facilities (Farms,Spinning,Knitting or even warehouse where the finished fabrics are controlled and packed) have to carry the responsibilities that certification requires. The certification is made by non-profit certification companies like ICEA or Control union.

Our environmental Policy.

We use cardboard packaging for our small parcels.
We reuse existing packaging where possible.
Our premises are in a highly insulated unit on Dyfi Eco Park and the park was an early adopter (18years ogo) of solar panels which we have on our roof.
We do not use polyester based fabric.
All the cotton we use is 100% organic. All yarn is certified by GOTS.


Our standards are high, we dont aim to make cheap or low quality fabric, but we do not generally inspect fabric in the UK. We trust our partners in India, and Turkey to do that. If you have a problem, then we are there to help and will always do our best to assist

We do not rubtest our fabrics, we do not test them for shrinkage. You must inspect and test fabric before you use it.

We will not compensate you for using a fabric that you later find was not suitable. We have constant deliveries. Batches vary.... check your sample and check your batch. If we send to your manufacturer, do you want a sample sending to you?? ASK.

Handmade fabrics in general are variable in nature. Check and double check.