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We have a huge volume of types of fabrics and new batches arriving all the time.
We do not test fabrics on a regular basis.
There maybe small differences between each batch of fabric of the same type - always best to test yourself.

It is really useful when customers share information so we are begining here to collect information and many thanks for those who are kind enough to take time to share this information

So here is information from Lucie Ro in France - thanks Lucie.

  • Cambridge white (2 meters) washed three times on 60° : 6% of shrinkage on the length and 0,5% on the width.
  • Denim White (1 meter) washed three times on 60° : 10% of shrinkage on the length and 4,8% on the width.
  • Supertwill Off white washed ten times on 40° : 10 % of shrinkage on the length and 0,3% on the width. ( 1% on each washing)


Our standards are high, we dont aim to make cheap or low quality fabric,  but we do not generally inspect fabric in the UK. We trust our partners in India, and Turkey to do that. If you have a problem, then we are there to help and will always do our best to assist

We do not rubtest our fabrics, we do not test them for shrinkage. You must inspect and test fabric before you use it.

We will not compensate you for using a fabric that you later find was not suitable. We have constant deliveries. Batches vary. Handmade fabrics in general are variable in nature. Check and double check.