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The story began in 2011 when I found a 1920s text book in an old book shop. It was £150 but worth every penny - I'd love to reproduce all of the wonderful designs that were inside.  There were lots of small cuttings of fabrics from that time. The book was by E.Knecht and JB Fothergill.
So after selecting four designs , we constructed a fabric which has an organic cotton slub warp - the slub is not very obvious, but it just adds to the character of the fabric. The weft is bamboo, and that just softens the fabric a touch and gives it a very slight give.

After lots of trials and tribulations it was woven and hand printed in Kerala.
There were three designs the most popular being sails. It washes well, shrinks a little lengthways and the darker shades loose a little dye. Its screen printed so it won't be perfect but thats part of the character of handprinting.