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Khadi K1

Khadi K1

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We are trying to support the Co op that weaves this fabric and have reduced the price of Khadi.

Khadi fabric, handspun yarn,  handwoven, off white natural colour 110120 wide. It is fine and voile like, a really soft and beautiful grainy fabric. It is hand spun cotton and hand woven.

This fabric supports weavers and spinners in Northern India and is made for us by MoralFibre.

Characterful slubby  fabric it will have lots of irregularities, occasional marks, slubs. It is finer than previous Khadis please ask for a new sample NOV 2014

The yarn is spun by the ladies by hand so it will have natural slubs, little marks in the yarn. These are woven into the fabric and show up as small marks, slubs, little lines, etc. We love it - it won't be a perfect and uniform.

Natural Thread?

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