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Silk Noil
    Silk Noil Silk Noil

Silk Noil

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cloth is sold per metre
Ex Tax: £11.63
Product Code: R-Noil
Availability: 165.50

Is it 'Noyal' or french soundin 'Nwal'. I'm not to sure.

Its natural, lumpy,drapes well and as with all our fabrics a very modest price. It is made from silk waste left in the cocoon.. the reason it is lumpy is because it is not made from the first smooth fibres from the cocoon, it is sometimes refereed to as raw silk, but this is not really the correct term

1.12 wide.

Silk does not require heavy chemical treatment to make and is to that extent ethical and natural. We do not import this directly ourselves so I dont have a supply chain verification. Manufacture

Please note, it can shrink up to 8%.


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