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Sateen Sheeting Percale Natural (Pearl),

Sateen Sheeting Percale Natural (Pearl),

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cloth is sold per metre
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This is actually a high quality double width sateen weave organic cotton with many uses from wedding dresses to sheets -
Its not really percale. We call it percale as it seems that people think of percale as simply good quality fabric.... are we right?
Percale has an even weave - the warp threads and weft threads simply go under and over each other evenly - sateen weave has more warp threads to the surface and this gives a softer fabric with a slight sheen.

Special offer!! If you buy ten metres or  more, we will send you two extra free- thats £26 worth free.

300 TC sheeting. TC means  TOP CAT  ... the most delectable.... sorry that will be giberish to anyone under 40.

It also means that each square inch has 300 threads. The threads are very fine so they weave very tightly and cram a lot in. That gives a really fine soft handle. The fabric is GOTS certified, that means that the cotton is organic and it is woven in an inspected facility and certified as meeting criteria similar to fairtrade certification.
Colour is pearl- very nearly white.  WE ALSO HAVE WHITE

width is about 114 inches  2.8


Natural Thread?






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