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Poplin Natural,

Poplin Natural,

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cloth is sold per metre
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Product Code: S Poplin.
Availability: 800.90

New stock as of January 2016, new stock is a bit more of an off-white, and if you would like a free sample just pop us a email. 120 GSM

Soft close woven poplin made from organic cotton, we have some stocks made  of fair trade cotton, please let me know if you prefer this. (it's the same cloth but we were able to buy some fairtrade yarn... (sorry its complicated)

approx 54 inches / 135 cmwide for  clothing or bedding or craft use.

unbleached natural colour I have had customers say this shrinks a fair bit.

More regular and smoother than equivelent handloom

Width: 135cm approx Weight: 120gsm approx
Origin: India Content: 100% Organic Cotton
Rolls size approx: 35m Please do your own wash test


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Natural Thread?

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