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Fabric Samples - Natural Undyed Set 2

Fabric Samples - Natural Undyed Set 2

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cloth is sold per metre
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Very popular fabrics - Around fifty + samples of natural cottons. Percale sheeting, white and natural, calico, hessian, flannel, muslin, twill, canvas, voile, net, poplin and self patterned and plain and unfinished fabrics - a big variety for every possible use. All made from organic cotton.

Sample size is around 10 x 10cm


(For knitted plains - jersey, fleece and velour order 'Stretchy set 4'.)

(For heavier textured fabrics order 'Textured Plain Set 3')

(For patterned fabrics order 'Patterned Set 1')


(For plain, woven fabrics order 'Plain Set 1')

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