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We import from India and Turkey and China, carry very big stocks and are able to supply wholesale to UK  EU  Australasia and USA


All orders are proforma. We prefer Bank transfers. Paypal/phone is okay but we may have to pass on their charges - around 3.8%

Starting a shop? If you don't want to buy full rolls we can offer you 10 metre cuts, we have a rolling machine.
Happy to help you startup with wholesale prices. Buy samples first and then we can talk and advise.

Rolls are usually 20 to 40m. The price of full rolls is negotiable. You would need to order several rolls. When you have ordered and seen samples please contact us with your requirements.

We make many specialised and unusual fabrics, we are always looking to innovate and help new designers. Let us know how we might help.

Please note- Quality is really good and we always go out of our way to be helpful but you need to be aware - Some fabrics are mill made and will be uniform - some are hand made on small powerlooms. Rolls with joins or test holes will have a minimum of 1m added by the weavers. Handloom and powerloom fabrics made in Kerala may have thread thickening, weft banding, small flaws and repairs slubs and small colour changes. These imperfections are part of the character and problems are infrequent, but you need to know this- they are not factory made, they are hand made.  If you are manufacturing, you must make samples and test for shrinkage etc. They are usually colourfast but as they are made by different weavers at different times and the yarns are hand dyed, you should test yourself.

Handmade fabrics - Extra care will be needed when cutting patterns.

Before buying rolls you are advised to do your own tests.