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Organic Textile Company. (OTC) Factsheet.


  • Who is Genesh?

    Genesh is our first weaver we started working with in India. We have been working with him since around 2005. We visited him and toured facilities in 2011. He works with individual weavers most of whom are his extended family and friends.

  • How do we know he uses organic cotton?

    Genesh buys all the yarn for the weavers. He only buys certified organic yarn.

  • Is the fabric GOTS certified?

    No, only the yarn is certified.

  • Where is the cotton grown?

    It is grown by certified  cooperatives in India.

  • Have you visited Genesh?

    We are in daily contact with Genesh and we visited his family and toured the weaving facilities, dyers, schools, and area in 2011.

  • Why does the certificate not show OTC as the buyer?

    Genesh buys the yarn. The certificate is addressed to him (Aswathi)

  • Are the workers paid fairly and treated well?

    We trust Genesh and by supporting him we provide work for the weavers. Are they paid fairly is a difficult question. They work in sheds often in their gardens. The temperatures can be very high in summer. The wages are around £5 a day which is comparable with wages in the area. Here is some more info about the process and the way Genesh works in Kerala. He is building a new facility near his home which is subject to government rules concerning the health and safety of workers.

  • Are the dyes used safe?

    Here is information on dyes and the dyes that Genesh uses. Genesh uses Novacron dyes which are made to pass Oeko-Tex standards.

  • Who are the women’s co operative you work with?

    'Gramodia' is a government supported modern facility. They sew up our squares, scarves, cushions, aprons etc. Here is more info on how Genesh  developed and grew his seed of an idea into a coop that provides work and support for these women.                                                  

  • What is your charity LOOM ?
    This began many years back. It is not an official registered charity. We occasionally sent £1000 or £2000 to Genesh and he used the funds to help with  sending students to college or helping if a weaver was ill, or building a new faciity in their yard. The last amount we sent was £2000 in 2016. Genesh prefers to have a little added to the fabric costs and this enables him to help pay higher wages and build new infrastructure.

  • What stock levels of Genesh fabrics and tea towels and  muslin squares etc do you carry?

    Some fabrics/items are very popular and we carry stocks of several hundred metres or several thousand muslin squares. Other less popular fabrics we may only hold a hundred metres or so. Because the range is so large, we cannot give you a precise figure. Lead time for a new fabric is around six months or more. The looms are busy making top up stocks throughout the year and we usually recieve  four consignments from Genesh in a year.

  • Are the fabrics bleached?

    We only use bleaching processes that are GOTS approved. Oxybleaching is GOTS approved. Chlorine bleaching is not approved.

  • Can we use the fabric for manufacturing and selling clothing?

    yes but bear in mind that a lot of Genesh fabrics are handwoven and not mill made so you may get some natural imperfections characteristic of handwoven fabrics.
    You should always rigourously test your garments for shrinkage, dye fastness, seam strength and suitability. This is handmade fabric and has not been through a factory process of testing and evaluation


  • Are these fabrics Fairtrade?

    Fairtrade one word capital F is a registered trade mark. OTC are not Fairtrade certified. We trade fairly, we are a company that has a fair trade policy.

  • Please ask if there are further questions.