oh what fun!

GENESH our partner in Kerela.

Our partner in Kerala is Genesh. He makes around half of our fabrics. They are made in small batches of 100 to 300 metres. The process is very artisan. Very hands on, the yarns are dyed by hand, the weaving is done by hand on small powerlooms. The printing is done by hand. here Genesh's children watch TV , the yarn drying is for our red denim


This is Mr and Mrs Manu, they mostly weave our denim. We were able to help Mrs Manu after an illness in 2014

Here Genesh describes making our high twist fabric.
For high twist fabric we spent some hours for drying it on sunlight. The crinkle charecteristics of the HT fabrics unveil when it put in the water. In my teen ages there were thousands and thousands of meters we produced for exporters purely in hand loom. when I was a college student I weave the fabrics on holidays and earn pocket monies. The wet high twist fabric we took in a van and went to big empty grouds with medows and dried it in sunlight. It was recalling the memories of twentyfive years after with our high twist fabrics.
We put the fabrics in the bath tub at dye house and dried it in sunlight opposit ground of our home. But the fabric did not get curled  and I found it is difficult to go again and picking the wet fabric to home again. So we made a temporary water tank with red stones ( which are using to build walls) and a Tarpolin sheet and filled 3000 ltrs water fetch from out side and put these fabrics in to it for an overnight and day.
Recalling memories and experience before decades, Gokul and Ashin (Genesh's young sons) helped me to pull ot the fabrics from the tank, ( three of us not needed bath again).
Next day Anitha (Genesh's wife)and me put in the ground the fabric get its natural charecter!
Some photos of this story attached

Below the fabric is dried in the fields near Genesh's home

Below it is dumped in cold water to affect the yarn.


Genesh hand prints the selvedges 'organic cotton' and the hand rolls the fabric.